Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My wheels are here & I can pick them up!

All –

I have fabulous news for everyone relying on me to drive them around in Germany! Granted, at this point in time it only affects me, but good news is good news any way you slice it.

Not only did I pass my driver’s test last week, they called to let me know my car is here! Megan is going to take me to the equivalent of a DMV to register my car on Thursday and then it’s off to Mannheim to pick up my vehicle. I am ecstatic.

Speaking of my driver’s test, it was hard. There were 100 questions – 75 multiple choice/true-false and 25 matching (signs). I only missed 6, but I think that’s because I’ve become a good guesser.

We had a 2 hour class before we took the test, but I didn’t take too much away from it. We watched a 45 minute video narrated by their version of a stereotypical German polizei, handlebar mustache and all. Like putting this random guy on the screen is going to encourage me to listen to the words in the background. All I could think about was his wicked mustache and funny glasses.

My instructor wasn’t much better. One, he was REALLY loud. Everyone had to take turns going up to the front of the room to turn in our forms. Then he would publicly berate us if we forgot to fill in a blank box. I thought he was going to get on me because I filled my out in half blue and half black ink – don’t ask – but he didn’t.

Instead, he called on me repeatedly during the class to see if I had studied beforehand. Or maybe he thought I just looked really confused. Whatever. Driving over here IS confusing. They have this right before left rule that makes my head hurt. Any time you come up on an unmarked intersection, you have to yield to the person on your right even if they’re coming from a stopped position and you’re driving straight down the road. It makes no flippin sense if you ask me, but unfortunately the Germans didn’t consult me before putting their driving laws into effect.

Yeah, so he called on me and I don’t think I ever got the answer correct. No wonder he looked at me funny when I did well on the test. Or maybe he looked smug because he thought he had taught me something. Who cares? A driver’s license is a license.

In other news, I just found out this afternoon that Tina signed up to run a marathon in Greece in November. I thought about volunteering to join the running club as well, but then I remembered that I don’t run.

Instead, I may look into planning a trip to Greece so I can go cheer her on. Sounds like the perfect excuse for a mini-vacay!

Anyway, hope everyone is having a kick ass week so far!