Wednesday, July 2, 2008



Looking back, I think my last few posts have been kind of crappy. It's like I'm driving the complainer train or something. So to offset my whiny ways, here are 10 things I'm absolutely diggin right now.

1. I just had a strawberry margarita and nachos for dinner.

2. I'm off for the fourth of July so tomorrow is technically Friday.

3. The bottle of wine I bought is finally cold enough to drink.

4. Tomorrow is pay day.

5. My foot is much better than two days ago.

6. I still love my job (despite the minor complaining the past few days - sometimes ya just gotta vent).

7. My cell phones play "I've been waiting for you" and "Come on and pick it up" when they ring.

8. You can watch Tila Tequila episodes online (I know it's a sick sick world)

9. I started a new book (granted it's about the Iraq war - not exactly light reading).

10. I already have some awesome friends like Megan, Danelli and Amy.

No more complaining!

Much love,

Monday, June 30, 2008

Sleepless nights mean restless days

All –

Last time we chatted I was on my way to watch the Germany/Spain soccer game. Unfortunately, Germany lost. There were lots of depressed Germans and lots of excited Spaniards, who surprisingly enough were in the middle of downtown Heidelberg.

The game itself wasn’t even very exciting. I think the most exciting thing that happened was when Megan got upset about the goal, slammed her water bottle down in the air and landed on my huge Beck’s beer bottle which then proceeded to smash into a million tiny pieces on the cobblestone ground.

We played it off like we were upset about the goal…

And don’t worry, there was only a little bit of beer left anyway. My drinking was not heavily impacted by this unfortunate accident.

Anyway, as I was saying, it wasn’t very exciting.

After the game we go our separate ways. They end up walking all the way home because they took the wrong bus/train/streetcar. I walked all of 50 feet and up three flights of stairs.

Normally, the noise doesn’t bother me, but I absolutely could not sleep last night. I was up until at least 3 a.m. and I got up at 6 a.m. It sucked.

Although I probably could’ve saved myself. Ivy said he was up watching a movie and I was more than welcome to have the guest bed. Apparently, one block over makes a world of difference when it comes to post-game noise.

I didn’t go, but mainly because I was up chatting with my parents. I was telling my dad how my commander was irritated with me over the weekend. Apparently, he tried to call me Friday night at 9 pm (I was already enjoying a margarita at Fiesta Mexicana at this point) and I didn’t pick up. Granted, I didn’t pick up because I left my phone at Danelli’s on accident. It’s not like I deliberately blew him off.

I’m hoping this all blows over because he definitely gave me the cold shoulder at work today. He’s just going to have to get over this. I mean, c’mon. One, I’m not on call 24/7 unless it’s an extreme emergency. If I was constantly on call I couldn’t have wine with dinner or travel more than 20 minutes away. I am allowed to have a life, you know?

Anyway, enough about that – it’ll put me in a foul mood and I’m not even close to done with my post.

Like I was saying, I didn’t get much sleep last night but I felt awake enough. I even left the apartment early!

Unfortunately, luck was not on my side this morning. I’ve been having some foot pain on the top of my right foot and it’s been making it hard to walk. I’ve been putting off having it looked at because I figured it would just fix itself.

But the good Lord takes care of fools and he made sure I got to a hospital. On my way to the streetcar I full on twisted my ankle because of the cobblestones. I almost fell over the pain was so bad. For a minute, I thought I had fractured my foot.

I hobbled all the way to the streetcar and it took me an extra 45 minutes to get to work so I was late on top of everything else.

I was hella busy this morning, but decided I should have someone check out my foot. One of the nurses looked at it and said she thought it may be broken. Say what?!

I ended up getting my foot and ankle x-rayed shortly after that. I hadn’t even looked at my foot since I twisted it because I had been so busy and when I pulled my shoe off it was grotesque. My entire ankle is the size of a baseball and the top of my foot is swollen. My foot just ballooned. It was gross.

Ah and because there’s always icing on the cake – I hadn’t shaved this morning AND I was wearing the shoes that always make my feet smell. It’s not like they were just some random x-ray techs – they’re my co-workers!

Anyway, I found out later this afternoon that my foot is fine, it’s just sprained. I have to elevate it and ice it and something else. She called it RICE, but all I could think of was sushi.

Hey man, it was lunch time.

I spent the rest of the day running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Have I mentioned that the four deputies are all full and light bird colonels? I essentially have like six high-ranking bosses.


So I stayed late at work and took my time getting home so I wouldn’t twist my ankle again. I also made this fabulous tortellini I found at a German grocery store. Yum.

Now I’m sitting here wondering why I ate all that food. I’m so full. How am I going to make dessert fit??

Alright, it’s nearly 8 so I better get to work. I’ve got too much to do during a normal workday so it looks like I’ll be working from home for awhile. Exciting.

Maybe if I get some crutches people will lay off some.


Sunday, June 29, 2008

The weekend is for drinking AND for errands :)

So even though I spent most of the weekend drinking with my new buddies (ref: Juicy Bits), I still managed to get a lot accomplished.

I spent most of the day Saturday with Amy. Our first stop was the IKEA in Mannheim, which we had a hard time finding. We probably drove around for the better part of two hours looking for this IKEA. Never mind it’s a huge blue and yellow building the size of a small farm. It was hard to spot.

We finally get there and spend a couple hours looking at the showroom and picking up things for our respective apartments. I go small and end up with some hand towels and some bathroom glassware. She goes big and buys two tables. We also find these fabulous rugs to decorate her bathroom with –

Oh and the very first thing we did at IKEA was eat a hot dog. You get your hot dog and you add mustard, onion straws and pickles. It sounds disgusting, but it was fabulous. On the way out, we got soft serve ice cream :)

Did I mention Amy shares my love of eating?

Next stop was on post to find a yoga mat. I end up with an iron.

We get back in the car and finally find the furniture store, which had just closed ten minutes prior to our arrival. We decide to go to the IKEA in Heidelberg instead.

I know it sounds like we’re obsessive-compulsive about IKEA, but I really needed three more bathroom rugs and they didn’t have them in Mannheim.

Side bar – we also went to the bookstore and I started researching how to make sushi rolls. I think I’m going to make sushi my new diet. If I eat it for one meal a day I think I’ll start losing weight. Thoughts?

Anyway – after the second trip to IKEA we make our way to the Reve in Schwetzigen. There’s a Thai restaurant inside the grocery store she said I needed to try. It was definitely worth the drive.

Afterward, we go mini-grocery shopping to buy some essentials. For me, it means meat, bread, cheese and wine. Yum.

Then she dropped me off at home and I went off for my night with Megan and Archie (ref: Juicy bits).

Fast forward to Sunday –

I told Amy I would help her move her table up to her apartment today. Her patient was late (she was on-call this weekend) so she started moving her stuff earlier than we expected. She called right as I was getting ready to go have breakfast with Ivy (ref: Juicy Bits) so I invited her along to the bakery.

The three of us took our baked goods (chocolate brotchen for me) and headed toward the river. We had our breakfast on a bench while we watched the boats float by – surreal.

As it turns out, the woman’s apartment Amy is moving into is also the same woman who promised Ivy her kitchen table. Small world. He decides to tag along so he can check out his new piece of furniture.

We also manage to persuade him to carry the table up the stairs for us, which was really probably the safest thing to do anyway. Her stairs are 100 years old and warped as all get out. I could barely keep my balance and all I was carrying was a purse.

Her apartment is really nice, by the way. I think her bathroom could house a set of twins it’s so big!

After a quick tour, Ivy goes home and we head to work so she can see her patient. I spend the time goofing off in the staff room and scheduling a photo shoot for tomorrow.

Then we head off to the furniture store in Mannheim. She doesn’t find any rugs, but I found a yoga mat! Now I can do my Pilates again and not feel so guilty about those damn chocolate brotchens.

Which really aren’t that filling anyway….so we decide to go to the bowling alley for some grub. We both went intending to get salads, but caved and got burgers. The burgers were excellent. Any time I need my American burger fix, I’m going to the bowling alley.

After this we head to the PX for a few more things. We end up running into my boss and his wife.


Why is it I always look like crap when I run into important people?

I try to keep the conversation short and sweet, but Amy keeps the conversation going.


It’s time to go home.

I got back a few hours ago and I’ve been working on laundry and typing this blog post instead of doing work. I don’t get paid enough to work on the weekend.

Tonight is the big Euro 2008 final game. It’s between Germany and Spain and their supporters have been chanting outside my window for about an hour and a half now. It’s going to be noisy the rest of the evening so… if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

I’m going to meet Megan and Archie at the Big Pommes (French fries) stand in about 20 minutes or so and we’re going to go watch the game. It should be insane.

Seriously, these are fans like you’ve never seen fans. They put even the most outlandish NFL and NBA fans to shame. Paint your body in team colors and sit in the cold to watch football? Big deal. These folks would sit there naked and throw in a chant for good measure.

Let the alcohol flow.